The 7th University Scholars Leadership Symposium was successfully organized on 2–6 August 2016 in Hanoi, Vietnam. More than 700 delegates from 69 countries participated in this Leadership Development in Social Change event. The theme of this year is ” Inspiring Individuals, Transforming Communities “.

5 students from the Chinese University of Hong Kong has participated in the symposium. They are Chan Heung Wai, Bosco; Cindy; HE Qian, Rhyme; Loy Xin Wern, Kimberly and Wu Sin Han, Hans. Let’s see what they say about the symposium!

usls2016 1

Kimberly: Throughout the learning journey, I have learnt to be patient when communicating with people with language barrier, as the young children there only know very limited English.


usls2016 2

Cindy: One of the most unforgettable day of the whole symposium was the day we have our learning journey. I decided to learn about their sustainable village in Hoa Binh province, which is 3 hours away from Hanoi city. I got into the team to help with tree planting as well as farming. It was a very hot day, but a very fun day as well.

usls2016 3

Rhyme: I learned that it was not the fact that I was physically in Vietnam that would change my life, but rather having the opportunity to talk to 700 of some of the most intelligent and compassionate student leaders from around the world (69 different countries in total.) I opened my mind and my heart to all of them and in return I made a loving family that now stretches around the globe.

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Bosco: My learning journey was an unforgettable experience. On the day we arrived at the school, we were cordially received and entertained b ytraditional music and dancing of Vietnam performed by local students. Afterwards, the delegates read books and play games with the students. The day was concluded by a mass dance in which everyone was engaged.

usls2016 5

Hans: Knowing somebody keep trying to build a brighter future for others was really impressive. I realized we must start making some slight differences in our daily life and then influence or change the picture of the world.

They also make a summary video together to showcase their learning journey. If you also wish to take part in the symposium, please pay attention to our updates or take a look at here!