The  6th University Scholars Leadership Symposium was successfully organized on 1–7 August 2015 in Hong Kong, with the theme ” Enrich, Educate, Enlighten”. There are 875 delegates from 57 countries all over world participated in the symposium. Ho Chun Kit, Dicky from the Chinese University of Hong Kong has participated in the symposium. Let’s see what he says about the symposium:

Being a delegate in USLS is my honour. We listened to many inspiring, motivating and encouraging speeches about global and local humanitarian issues delivered by speakers from United Nation and many other local and international NGOs. We also got a practical learning journey in the field on August 4.

To me, there is one immediate change after attending the symposium. I do care more about international news. In the past, I philosophically knew and felt that there was really someone, real people, experiencing the situation/event in the news. But now, the feeling is much stronger. When I read the news, I think of my friend in that country, with face and with name. I am also more outgoing, active and talkative after the symposium. I hope one day I can really make the world a better place.

usls2015 1

Some of the friends I made in USLS.

usls2015 2

In the learning journey, some delegates went to visit the elderly and children. And we went to an organic farm.

usls2015 3

I took some of the delegates to Chungchi Canteen in CUHK to have dinner and they love our campus and food so much!